The Workshop

The workshop is open without an appointment during shop opening hours. It is a fascinating old building with a long tradition of craft working. For over two hundred years until 1962, it was a blacksmiths and ironworker’s forge.

Visitors are welcome to look round it, to view the kiln and equipment and to watch whatever work is in progress at the time.

Some pots, square and rectangular for example, are made by press molding slabs of clay over wooden forms that I’ve made myself and by extruding. But the principal method of making is by shaping clay by hand directly on the potter’s wheel. It was a chance encounter with this most intriguing of skills that started my career and one that engages me still, over two hundred thousand pots later, give or take a few. For all its opportunities for speed and precision, the wheel never becomes a machine: it remains always a flexible and responsive tool, giving each pot some life and vitality of its own.